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marachekku oil machine

Importance of Marachekku oil machine and Rotary chekku machine for the society

Marachekku Oil Machine empowers the need of Oil in day to needs. Whenever people need to stock up on oil, They are not heading to the local department store instead they are searching for the chekku oil mill, where they can pick up fresh, cold-pressed coconut oil, groundnut oil, and gingelly oil made by marachekku oil machine. After years of researching the benefits of cold pressing marachekku oil machine its time switch over to healthy and organic maracheku oil.

Marachekku Oil Machine

“When oil is refined, it loses a lot of nutrients but cold pressing it in a marachekku oil machine ensures that you retain all of it,” says Indian Medical Committee. “So we wanted to ensure that we use healthy oil in our daily cooking.”
Traditionally, South India was known for using cold-pressed oils. The cows were led around a ‘check’ and turned a wooden grinder to extract the oil. It was sold in bulk and people took containers to the factory to collect it. Later, industrialized, refined oils took over the market, but now the wheel seems to have come full circle, with people heading back to the ‘chekku oil extraction machine’.
Cold pressing is the technique of mechanically squeezing the oil from the seeds at temperatures below 120°F. “Nutrients that are normally destroyed by heat during refining are retained in this process. Pure cold-pressed oil is not refined, processed, or deodorized. It is also rich in immune-boosting antioxidants.” Cold-pressed coconut oil also contains lauric acid, which has many therapeutic benefits.
Though the society has only a few old ‘marachekku oil machine mills’ it’s our time to take initiative to bring awareness to the people about the marachekku oil machine and have more marachekku oil machines in the local oil mills t meet up the pent up demand for healthy cooking oil. Though the marachekku oil machine uses the traditional wooden churner, it is motor-driven. But we are careful to ensure that the oil is extracted at less than 30C and Karthik engineering is focused on this process our marachekku oil machines are designed in line with this process and the oil extraction process does not exceed 30C.
We Karthik engineering are in this manufacturing of maracheku oil machine for almost two generations it was started by our father at 1990s to make some positive contribution to the human life and society by producing marachekku oil machine and offering them with reasonable price and we still deliver the best quality marachekku oil machine. We also manufacturing all kinds of chekku oil machine like steel rotary chekku oil machine, stone chekku machine, and groundnut decorticators. And we do supply all over India. Feel free to reach us for any queries regarding the marachekku oil machine.

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