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Marachekku Machine Manufacturer In Tamil Nadu

We, Karthik engineering is the best Marachekku Machine Manufacturer in Tamil Nadu. There are lots of ways to extract oil from seeds and in that marachekku machine is the organic traditional way to extract oil from the seeds. Those people who care for their health will opt for this traditional way of extracting oils. This marachekku machine is designed to extract oil in a wood pressed method in which a traditional vaagai wood is used to press the seeds and crushes them to extract the oil. The most important thing in the process is that it makes use of a wooden pestle and wooden collector to press the seeds and collect the oil, so during this entire process a very low temperature is been produced which is below 40 degrees. The wooden pestle absorbs any temperature and does not produce heat through friction.


Our Marachekku machine benefits:

*Marachekku machine produces low heat int oil extraction process so the oil contains low cholestral and it also contains no chemical at all.

*So in the modern adulterated marachekku machine oil producing owners are contributing to environment and public health.

*It creates a win-win situation for the marachekku oil business owners by selling organic high quality of traditional marachekku oil to the customers.

*Our machines has low maintenance cost, less power consumption.

*And are capable of extracting high quality cold pressed oils.

*It comes very handy so that even ladies and old peoples can handle it easily

*And also we offer free installation charges

All these benefits makes us the best Marachekku Machine Manufacturer In Tamil Nadu

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Marachekku Machine Manufacturer:

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