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new model marachekku oil machine manufacturer

New Model Marachekku Oil Machine Manufacturer

Introduction To New Model Marachekku Oil Machine Manufacturer:

In this fast-paced world, the demand for healthy and natural oils is on the rise. Traditional methods of oil extraction using Marachekku machines have gained popularity for their ability to preserve the nutritional value and purity of oils. Karthik Engineering, a renowned manufacturer of oil extraction machinery, introduces their latest innovation – the New Model Marachekku Machine. This machine combines modern technology with the age-old technique of cold-pressing, promising to deliver high-quality, unrefined oils that retain their natural goodness.

Unleashing the Power of Marachekku Technology:

The New Model Marachekku Oil Machine Manufacturer – Karthik Engineering utilizes the traditional wood-pressed method of oil extraction. This process involves crushing oilseeds or nuts under the pressure of a rotating wooden ghani or kolhu. The New Model Marachekku Machine ensures a gentle extraction process that keeps the temperature low, preserving the nutrients, flavors, and aroma of the oil.

Features of the New Model Marachekku Machine:

Sturdy and Durable: The machine is meticulously built using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and optimal functioning, even in heavy-duty oil extraction processes.

Efficient Performance: Designed for maximum efficiency, the New Model Marachekku Machine is capable of extracting oil from various oilseeds with minimal wastage, providing excellent yield.

Temperature Control: Heat generated during the crushing process is kept to a minimum, preserving the natural state of the oil and preventing the loss of nutritional value.

Compact Design: The machine is compact, making it suitable for small-scale businesses or home use, without compromising on its oil extraction capabilities.

Easy to Use: It features user-friendly controls, allowing users to operate the machine effortlessly, regardless of their level of expertise.

Benefits of the New Model Marachekku Machine:

Nutrient-Rich Oils: The cold-press extraction method of the Marachekku machine ensures that the oils retain their natural nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, providing a healthier alternative to highly refined and processed oils.

Chemical-Free Extraction: Unlike refined oils that undergo chemical processing, the New Model Marachekku Machine extracts oil without any solvents, additives, or preservatives, ensuring a pure and chemical-free end product.

Rich in Flavor and Aroma: Traditional oil extraction methods enhance the flavor and aroma profiles of the oils, giving them a distinct and unparalleled taste that adds depth to culinary creations.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: The New Model Marachekku Machine operates with low energy consumption, minimizing its carbon footprint. Additionally, its wood-pressed mechanism eliminates the need for electricity, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Encourages Local Industries: By investing in the New Model Marachekku Machine, individuals and businesses support local farmers and oilseed producers, promoting sustainable agriculture and the growth of regional economies.


The New Model Marachekku Oil Machine Manufacturer – Karthik Engineering brings together the best of tradition and technology, offering a reliable and efficient solution for producing natural, unrefined oils. Its ability to preserve the nutrition, flavor, and aroma of oils sets it apart from other extraction methods. Embrace health, tradition, and the goodness of unadulterated oils with the New Model Marachekku Machine by Karthik Engineering – a wise choice for both consumers and producers seeking quality and sustainability. Click here to explore our wide range of oil mill marachekku machines.

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